Frequently Asked Questions

How to install VintiesCloset ?

To install our extension, please go to the Chrome store. Click add to add the extension to your list of extensions. You can then, for ease of use, bookmark it. Some may call VintiesCloset, a chrome extension for Depop or a chrome extension for Vinted. We define VintiesCloset as both. It's the best, yet affordable Depop bot and Vinted bot to increase your productivity and sales each month.

Do you save my banking information ?

No. In order to facilitate payment and ensure the protection of your banking data, we use Stripe. It is a global platform for online payments and is used by a multitude of online sellers. No data is stored and does not pass the servers of VintiesCloset.

Is it necessary to use VintiesCloset on Chrome ?

Our extension can only be used on the Chrome browser at the moment. Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to develop it for other browsers. Please write to us so we can note your preference and send you a message if our plans change.

How do I uninstall VintiesCloset ?

To uninstall VintiesCloset, please go to the extensions area of ​​Chrome. To do this, enter chrome://extensions in the search bar and validate. Once on this page, you will have the option to remove our extension from your browser.
In case you have a current subscription, please remember to cancel or suspend it before uninstalling.

Are you affiliated with Depop or Vinted ?

No. We are not affiliated with Depop or Vinted and do not know anyone in this company. However, we are Vinted users and over time, we have developed an extension to make our sales activity more fun. Today we just want to share it with you.

How to update VintiesCloset ?

To update VintiesCloset, please go to the extensions area of ​​Chrome. Once on this page, click on the update icon of our extension.
Need an example? Watch this video for an illustration.

What are your rates ?

When you install the product, you get a 90 day trial period. Whether you're on Depop or Vinted. Once this trial period has elapsed, you have the choice between taking the monthly price of 14,99 € (instead of 29,99 € ). You can view them on the Pricing tab. Note that these prices are recurrent. You can, however, cancel or suspend your subscription at any time.

How can I cancel my subscription ?

In order to cancel your subscription, please Log in first, then go to your Account. Once in your account, open the customer portal to directly configure your account on Stripe.

Why are you using Stripe ?

We use Stripe to facilitate and secure your online payments. As they describe themselves: « We provide our customers with everything they need to build websites and applications that allow them to accept payments and send money transfers around the world. Stripe products allow online and physical merchants, subscription companies, software platforms and marketplaces, and many other types of businesses, to accept payments. »

How to contact you ?

Your business and activities on Depop and Vinted are very important to us. Whether you want to send us your feedback, your suggestions or report a possible bug, send us a message. We are available to answer all your questions 24/24 and 7/7. Please just send us an email using the Contacts page.