Want to take Depop and Vinted to the next level ?

We have carefully built a chrome extension for Depop and Vinted. Efficient, easy to use, and undetectable, VintiesCloset is the best Chrome extension for Depop and Vinted.

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7-day free trial for Depop
7-day free trial for Vinted
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Check out the features of VintiesCloset that you will love 😍.
Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions 💡.

  • Boost of items

    Want to give your wardrobe a facelift ? No worries, VintiesCloset is there for you ... just a click away of course 😷

  • Send group messages

    A must-have when your list of followers will require more than 2 digits. A single customizable writing, a click and the case is in the closet (hence Closet in the name). 😎

  • Automatic follow-ups

    Easily follow customers or followers of a closet that's similar to yours✌️. Grow your list of followers with just one click.

  • Favorite products

    Like all the items in a closet and easily draw attention to your account 🚨.

  • Automatic unfollows

    A bit like following, but the other way around. We use unfollows to avoid drawing attention 🚨 to your profile. Of course we think of you.

  • Trends of items

    Track the trends 📈 of your items and determine if you can raise the price or rather should lower it. Get the performance of your closet with one click.

  • Clipboard

    Add custom texts and save time for your article descriptions 📝, messages 📨, et forum posts 📣.

  • Customization of the experience

    Easily change the font (... that of the text 😅) and the speed of completion of tasks. Do you want a specific font? Let us know. Your comfort is essential.

  • Simplified subscription management

    We work with Stripe to make it easy for you to manage your subscription. In your dashboard, you will find all the features to control everything.

  • ... your idea ?

    We listen to our community and believe in collective intelligence. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions using the contact form. 💌


Don't just take our word for it. Read what our users are saying about VintiesCloset.

“Since the time that I look for a tool of this kind. I have yet tried everything. It makes my daily saleswoman so fun and saves me a lot of time every day.”

Julie , Lille

“Reliable solution at low cost. After trying other plugins where everything was in English with insane prices, I can only recommend it. I am satisfied with my purchase.”

Michel, Amiens

“Very useful and effective extension to better optimize your walk-in closet! I use it every day and it saves me a lot of time thanks to all the built-in options! I recommend with my eyes closed.”

Lilian, Paris